Raising the Bar

In Bilbao Spain

In Bilbao Spain

I hope you’ve been keeping well. This video comes to you from Bilbao, Spain. I’ve been doing my best to create useful content over at my YouTube channel, and today I’m sharing one of those topics here on the blog. The term ‘raising the bar’ means to do something better than before, to show progress, to register improvement. My take on it involves three points which I share in the video below.

I. Comparison Threshold

Measuring output and progress to a benchmark is the way to become aware that there is a need for improvement. We can benchmark against (a) our projected output (b) our performance during the same period of the previous year (c) the general industry we’re participating in.

II. Re-evaluate your Habits

What is it that we do regularly and which of these habits work to our advantage and which ones don’t? Which ones serve us well and which ones don’t. For all the negative ones, it’s worthwhile remembering we will need to replace those with positive ones as there is no vacuum in life.

III. Check your Focus

Which are those things that have our undivided attention and how do they line up with our goals, our annual projections for the things we want to achieve as the year progresses, the targets we planned on hitting?



After you’ve watched the video and taken the Dynie Dare, let me know in the comment section how you measure your progress and what your benchmark is; and how you ensure that your habits and focus remain aligned to your set or evolving goals.

Cheers! Grey


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