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Dream on

Never give up on your dreams, whether you’ve clarified them already or not. If there’s a hunger inside you, a nagging, a longing, doubt, restlessness… then start on something, anything. Pick a direction and set out. Don’t think it would be easier if you know which direction to take; that is the question that will keep you chained –trust me…

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Process Goals

Hello everyone, it’s the New Year and everybody is talking about goals and goal setting. Having chosen a rather unconventional lifestyle since this past year, conventional or traditional goal-setting neither appeals nor applies to me at this point in my life journey. So I’ve come up with the concept of process goals, where instead of pursuing definite goals, I’m choosing…

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Practice in Public

Practice is a concept we are familiar with and frequently engage in. The main purpose of practicing is to better oneself, to improve acquired skills, or to learnt to accomplish a task efficiently. As the saying goes, Practice makes perfect. Yet the type of practice we engage in is what determines whether it eventually makes perfect. And in all honesty,…

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Raising the Bar

I hope you’ve been keeping well. This video comes to you from Bilbao, Spain. I’ve been doing my best to create useful content over at my YouTube channel, and today I’m sharing one of those topics here on the blog. The term ‘raising the bar’ means to do something better than before, to show progress, to register improvement. My take on…

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Write the Vision

Hi ya’all! Hubby took me to the beach here in Connecticut for the weekend and we had a lovely time walking around and discovering random seaside places. We also had an impromptu photo shoot, and as I looked through the beach telescope, I got to thinking about how our outlook in life affects our perceptions, and the eventual outcomes as…

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Are you a polymath?

Are You A Polymath?

Hi folks! Wednesday is here, time for yet another post. I’ve been going a bit heavy lately as I try to find the right topics, the right balance, the right length, etc. So, for today’s post, I’m wondering if any of you out there find yourselves having interest in several seemingly unrelated subjects or fields. If yes, have you ever…

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Only base your goals on the resources that are available to you

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

As the month of January draws to a close, it’s inevitable that we start to look at strategizing what we’ll spend the rest of the year doing. My mind’s been on planning out this New Year so I have pointers to keep me on track and guide me through 2016. This is an exercise I diligently engage in every year…

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My passion, my life

The Passion Myth (with video)

Hello my lovelies, today’s topic tackles a subject many of us contemplate; it concerns the notion of doing something we are passionate about in our quest to make a living. How often do we hear the advice to follow our passion? Too much if you ask me. We have many people out there that appear to have ‘found’ their passion, but…

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