Back in Brussels

Long Island Sound Beach, CT

Hi guys, It’s been a while since I updated my blog. I seem to do my best work when I’m home, mainly because of hubby’s support. Just to keep you all updated, I flew back to Brussels Belgium at the end of April, so I’ve been here now close to a month. Hubby got me a nice studio apartment at the centre of Brussels at the Place Sablon, which in English would translate to Sand Square, just a stone throw from our special engagement location of Grand Place. I should have been come back sooner but the bombings at Brussels Airport on March 22nd delayed my return until the airport open again in April.

Long Island Sound Beach, CT

I’ve been very busy since May following a 2-month on-the-job training course at the airport and turns out it is more demanding that any of us had anticipated. I’m 3 weeks in and another month and a half to go. Hopefully I’ll do well then we’ll see what next. I’m also attending swimming classes every single night here in Brussels as it’s part of my training and I must say I quite enjoy it. I especially love the 10-minute walk back home when I pass lovely little eateries and restaurants filled with people socialising and enjoying the good weather we’ve been having as summer approaches full on. It makes me miss hubby some, but just knowing that our arrangement is temporary makes it bearable.

Long Island Sound Beach, CT

My son will be coming in June for his 3-month summer vacation and hubby will come along with him for a week’s visit, so it won’t be long before I see those two again. I’ve been spending some time with my good girlfriend and every so often we’ll go out for ice-cream or something –she is God’s grace to me, because some journeys need companionship so they’re not too lonely.

Long Island Sound Beach, CT

I occasionally cook when I get home, but I can count on one hand how many times I’ve done that. I sometimes buy French fries on my walk back from the swimming pool and munch on them as I take in the scenery and enjoy the music from street musicians.

Long Island Sound Beach, CT

I am enjoying being in Brussels I must say. There is a heavy military presence at every street corner because Belgium is practically at war since the terror attacks. That notwithstanding I’m having the time of my life reacquainting myself with my old city. Back then I lived in Leuven and worked in Brussels, so now living in central Brussels fulltime allows me the time to wander the street and get lost in the maze –one of my favorite activities- until I have to find my way back to my digs as the evening draws nigh. Seeing as my foray here is temporary, a few more months at best, I’m making the best of my time here.

Long Island Sound Beach, CT

By design, I have chosen to keep to myself quite a bit. Some journeys we find ourselves on, only we can understand. So to avoid expending my energy explaining why I am on hiatus here, I prefer to keep to myself and draw a protective cocoon over myself –I am notorious for this whenever I feel judged or misunderstood. Maybe once I figure out what I’m doing then I’ll be able to let some friends in and share good times with them.

Long Island Sound Beach, CT

For now I bid you adieu. Much as I’d like to get back to updating regularly, prevailing circumstances prevent that for now. But I’ll try and come on a couple times a month until I find my footing again.

Long Island Sound Beach, CT

Photo Credit: Mr. Grey (iPad Air Pics) || Location: Long Island Sound Beach, CT USA

Slacks/Trousers: Zara || Shoes: Zara  || Sweater: Next || Bag: Ralph Lauren



  1. Edith
    May 31, 2016 / 1:52 AM

    Hello My Friend…. It is so nice to see you back to blogging.

    • Grey Dynasty
      November 29, 2016 / 6:00 PM

      Hi Edith! How have you been?! I’m back, busy, and happy. Thanks so much for supporting!

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