Happy Birthday Mr. Grey!

Mr. Grey

It’s Saturday night. Sunday morning really, considering it’s past midnight. I’m sitting here in bed warm and cozy, typing away, listening to Sarah Mclachlan’s ‘In the arms of an angel’, one of my all-time favourite songs. My husband has dozed off next to me, breathing quietly. He must be exhausted, I think to myself. Earlier today, he was out taking care of the snow. The weather forecast showed about 2 to 4 inches of snow; it was about triple that. He could have had someone else do it, but he prefers to do these things himself. He fancies himself a can-do man and takes great pride in not passing the buck and ‘getting the job done’ himself. Last night, he moved a light switch from one wall to another because I wanted to hang a large mirror on the previous wall; so he obliged and made room for it –no fuss.

The man of the hour

He once ruined one of my snow-white bathroom towels after using it to wipe off car oil or something like that. His nonchalant response? ‘I assumed it would come off in the wash.’ I think we all know that whatever the ads claimed, that did not quite happen. Needless to say, I no longer have that towel.

Chef Grey in his element

He’s ruined many an expensive pair of shoes or clothes because he has a habit of just rolling up his sleeves and getting to work under the car or something like that without thinking of first changing into old rugged clothes. We often joke that he’s better suited for the Ralph Lauren rugged clothing than the Calvin Klein classics that currently fill his wardrobe. That’s my fault as I didn’t understand this about him when we first met; the handsome man cleans up very well.

Young Steve

Today, Sunday December 18th is my husband’s birthday, and as I watch him sleeping next to me, I feel so blessed that he is mine. You see, he is a good man. The best man I know. He loves me, oh, so very well. He is the easiest man to get along with, has taught me a thing or two about love and marriage. He has no expectations of me, makes no demands of me, only that I be happy. Over and over, that’s his only answer every time I ask what I can do for him; that I be happy remains his consistent ‘ask’ of me.

Hunk hubby having his Halle Berry moment 😉

This is who I’m married to, and I don’t know how I got to be this lucky, or what I did to deserve such love and dedication. So today, I bless my husband. I pray over him, that he may have a long and healthy life, that he may prosper, that he may flourish. Today I pray that God’s love and faithfulness accompany him throughout his life. That he succeeds in all he undertakes. That he lives out yet another fabulous year of this life we are consciously weaving together.

Hubby visiting me in Brussels

Sometimes I think: someone pinch me I must be dreaming… Other times I say to myself: surely it must mean I’ve done something right for such a blessing to be mine… Yet more likely than not, (and I understand this to be true) all it means is that God is good, that God is faithful, that God is gracious. To love and be loved like this is a testament that we are truly blessed. Together, Mr. Grey and I pray this same blessing upon you all. Join in and help me wish this amazing husband of mine a very happy birthday, won’t you! Loving wife, Helena Grey



  1. December 18, 2016 / 5:03 AM

    Awww what beautiful words!! Happy birthday to your darling hubby. We thank God for adding yet another year to him and may your days together be like heaven on earth!
    Quick question though, is he baking his own cake? Lol

    • Grey Dynasty
      December 18, 2016 / 2:05 PM

      ha ha ha, that’s an old picture from 2010 I think 🙂 I’m the baker in the family, he’s the chef and here he was making deviled eggs. Thank you for your kind wishes Shazie and blessings to you too sweets 🙂

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