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Hi lovelies, I’ve been back home in the US for a week now and I still don’t know how I stayed away for so long. It helps that the boys came out to visit, but still I was gone for a long stretch. Since I’ve been here I’ve been busying myself with getting my house in order. With hubby working in Real Estate Investments, we are in transition quite a healthy bit, so as things stand, I am currently in the process of kitting out our new residence.

All I have in place for now is a couch and I need to figure out how to decorate around it. Fancy I happen to have a diploma in Interior Decorating so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out, one would assume. Well, an unpractised talent is as good as a non-existent one, so I’m out of luck here. Still, I’ve gotten out my books and dusted them off, drawn out plans to grid on my design software, and I’m currently spending my days moving around virtual furniture on my virtual floor space; I am absolutely terrified of cluttering up the place with unnecessary junk and trinkets. I just might pick up that Marie Kondo minimalist book I keep hearing about to make sure that does not happen.

As if setting up is not hard enough, hubby and I settled on a coral coloured couch that both of us instantly fell in love with as soon as we walked into the furniture store. We had been looking for years and just wouldn’t settle for anything else until we saw this gem and it was love at first sight. It was a little hard giving up on having reclining couches, a luxury I had become accustomed to after embracing American conveniences, but it was well worth it just to have the right couch for us and to have us both love it equally.

Did I mention I also have bright brown hardwood floors along with that couch? Right. So my lovelies, I will be spending the next few weeks figuring out how to cool down the warm colours in my home to establish visual balance. Oh, and I will also be busy turning my strong masculine hubby into a bona-fide Instagram Husband –Lol! In case you missed it, check out the ‘Instagram Husband’ video here or read about the phenomenon here. Below, I leave you with some pics my friend Misty took of me when we went out to the movies while in Brussels.

Cheers guys! ღ Grey

To the movies in Brussels

At the movies in Brussel

Toison D'Or - Avenue Louise

Toison D’Or – Avenue Louise


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