Process Goals

Setting process goals

Hello everyone, it’s the New Year and everybody is talking about goals and goal setting. Having chosen a rather unconventional lifestyle since this past year, conventional or traditional goal-setting neither appeals nor applies to me at this point in my life journey. So I’ve come up with the concept of process goals, where instead of pursuing definite goals, I’m choosing to lean towards a general direction while keeping an open eye to perspective shifts along the way and remaining adaptable to other influencing factors.

Setting process goals require that one be cognizant of 3 factors:

  • Life is a journey – we don’t finish off where we started
  • Goals are momentary – they change as our interest shift
  • We as people are not static – we evolve and our goals should evolve with us.

Once we acknowledge these factors, how do we go about setting process goals?

  1. Have a general idea of which direction you want your life to take
  2. Remain flexible and adapt to new insights & influences that might shift your perception
  3. Monitor and measure ongoing goals

In conclusion, you might not always deliver, but if you’re still on the planned path or you’ve defined a new one and maintain a forward progression, that’s all you can ask of yourself. Be kind to yourself on this journey called life.

Below is the full YouTube video. Have a blessed 2017! ღ Helena Grey

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