The Journey Continues

Chasing dreams

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore ~ Andre Gide

It’s Saturday, Memorial Day weekend and I’m free for the day. The last time I wrote, it came from a raw place. I had been intending to relocate my operations back to the US so I could be closer to my family, and I had just found out that I had been successful in my efforts. I was astounded by the feat I had accomplished in doing so. So here I am, back in the US, holding a job down, and one I love at that. How lucky can a girl be?

Yet this is not the end. Being in one State with my family in another makes for a somewhat lonely existence. I miss my boys and would prefer to come home to them every night, but duty and layovers prevent that. At least I get to see them on my off days on a weekly basis, which is more than I can say for when I was operating from Brussels Belgium. So I’ll count my blessings even as I hold out a candle for when we can live together more permanently.

Chasing dreams

My new job -still flying- has landed me in Dallas Texas for the foreseeable future. Hubby and I always planned to move down south to a warmer climate for as long as I can remember. It was never Texas for me, more like Miami; but Texas will do for now, I’ve decided. The weather here is beautiful; the temperatures soar to a good 100F and over on a hot summer day; though some may disagree, that is how I would define a good weather day.

Flying leaves me so much free time. The training is tough and you have to buckle done and get it done –hence my protracted absence, but once that’s behind you, flying leaves you with about 2 weeks legal rest period to fill with your own interests. My previous career in finance had me busy all the time, and I’ve also always had a job along with getting some type of academic qualification on my evenings. So you can imagine how bored I am sitting around, twiddling my thumbs…

Chasing dreams

I’m looking into how I can combine my three loves of Flying, Fashion and Finance –the 3Fs as I like to call them. I’m sure they connect somewhat somewhere, I just haven’t figured out how –any suggestions of how are welcome in the comment section below. Meanwhile, I suppose I’ll just re-read Jeff Goins book, ‘The Art of Work’, which is the book that got me started on this whole journey. His next book, to be released next week on June 6, ‘Real Artists Don’t Starve’, will probably take me the next level, at least that’s my intention.

Now I’m just rambling, I probably should stop here. I’ll ease my way into blogging again even as I continue to figure out the pieces of the puzzle that is my life, really, that is all of our lives. May we all have the courage to discover who we truly are at our core, and to lose sight of the shore so we can discover new oceans. Being on the journey myself, I can honestly say it’s no small feat, but the adventure is extremely rewarding.

Stay with me; the journey continues…


Chasing dreams


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