London Dairy -Harry Potter Studios U.K.

What a lovely autumn day we’ve had today here in the U.K. While the weather felt quite chilly from time to time, it’s been a somewhat mild weather day. Our day began early, a quick breakfast and a short drive to the Harry Potter Studios by 1030 for a guided tour through Hogwarts. It was quite the experience walking through the magic wonderland, seeing the costumes, walking through the blood, snort and drool, watching the ‘director’s cut’ movies, and best yet, finding platform 9 ¾. I was overwhelmed at the J.K. Rowling thought process that has spawned a whole series culminating into a theme tour and for hard-core fans.

Such is the power of the mind, that everything that is once existed only in thought form. That God thought then spoke the world into being. That every living creature was formed according to His will –there’s that ‘thought’ again. As a man thinketh, so he becomes. Thought. The power of thought. What an amazing tour that was. It lasted all of 5 ½ hours as we leisurely strolled around and soaked in the adventures that took place in Hogwarts until 1600. We had vouchers for complimentary dining since my sister-in-law works at the Warner Bros Studios so sustenance was in unlimited supply.

Reluctantly, and with sore feet, we finally departed the studios and set our sights on making some purchases in downtown Watford, a venture that saw us spend about 2 hours at the Marks & Spencer store, first in the men’s department, then the women’s and finally lingerie. We didn’t make it back to our hotel until 2000 where we dined on a light dinner of fish & chips, then off to our room for the night.

It was a treat watching Rachael come alive through the tour, taking in all her childhood fantasies in ‘real’ life. We bought some girly things and compared notes on a number of issues –she is a darling girl, always has been, always will be. She’s once more spending the night with her cousins until tomorrow when the bridal party and all wedding guests will book in to the same hotel and spend some quality times together. I am so looking forward to being with the whole family tomorrow.

Today was both magical and amazing; I felt inspired. All I dream of will come true, this I know to be true. I see it all so clearly as if it already were so. My vibration is cleaned up and my desires approach even closer with each breathe I take. Today, dream. Hope. Ask. Believe. Expect. Receive. Love. Show gratitude. Today, hope again. Beyond that, expect. Hold your vision as true. You are under no obligation to repeat your supposed reality as your truth. After all, it is only the summation of your thoughts thus far. Tell a different reality, the one you’d want it to be. Reach for the better feeling story and tell it as your own. If you do so consistently, God must make it so and the universe will deliver it to you as you tell it. So tell it like you want it to be. Until the next post, enjoy the pics, and I hope we all get to make it to a Harry Porter type of make-believe world.

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