U.K. Diary: Mulling Over the Mundane

Today started out a little later than yesterday. We checked out of the hotel room at noon and headed out to the mother of the bride’s house where a small crisis over a dress alteration mishap was unfolding, flustering everyone in the process. After running around like banshees to get that fixed at the David’s Bridal, things settled back down to a calm lull.

My sister-in-law Mandy arrived at Lyn’s with Kelly (yet another niece) and thus the rest of the day began in earnest. After some small chat and deep talk, we eventually made our way to the hotel where both the wedding and reception will be taking place tomorrow. Luckily for us, Karen (another sister-in-law) and her family drove up at the same time and we were all able to check in at the same time. After a bit more catching up, we left for the city to tie up a few lose ends as pertains the wedding.

As I type this out, I am sitting in a hair salon getting my hair done. The time is 1900. It’s a nice salon and the ladies are nice, friendly and kind. This time around I’ve chosen honey-blond coloured extensions. In a previous life, I used to be the blond girl. Then I met Mr. Grey and went black. And now honey-blond. I’ll snap a pic and post it when we get to our new hotel digs later tonight.

So it’s now 2300 and we finally made it ‘home’. We’ve met with family once more and run a few errands for a perfect day tomorrow. I’m not too tired so I’ll be editing another vlog to add to my YouTube channel’s queue. Yes, I finally have a queue and I am proud of it 🙂  I’m hitting my stride in vlogging now that I am somewhat a little better oriented in my work; I’m better at working in video editing around my trips. I’ll probably get better at blogging too after this week of U.K. Daily Diaries. It would be lovely to have everything run like a well-oiled machine, wouldn’t it?

Here’s how I imagine it: I’d be hitting my output target of either product or prototype. I’d be documenting the process on my blog for my readers and on video for my subscribers. Everything would be going up in real-time, like a well-orchestrated dance. I’ve heard it said over and over again that if you believe it and keep working at it, you will achieve it. That the universe has no choice but to give it to you. That God will bless the work of your hands.

Compare and reconcile these two statements with me: (1) You don’t have to see the full staircase, just take one step at a time; and (2) You must see the end clearly before you can begin. At first they seem contradictory. I’m beginning to understand they are not. The latter simply means you must have clarity of where you want to end up or what you want to finish with. The former means you don’t have to have figured out from the very beginning how you’ll get there or how you’ll get it done; you just have to take one step at a time and you will end up ‘there’.

There are many more seemingly contradictory statements that I am slowly learning to reconcile and this journey is both compelling and exciting. But for now I should bid you goodnight as the hour hand slowly creeps past midnight. And tomorrow we have the wedding of a precious child to attend. My heart is content. My hair is done. My husband lies by my side. I love. I am loved. Goodnight folks, until tomorrow’s ‘another day’. Cheers, Grey xoxo

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