UK Daily Diary: The Morning After

The morning after… Today started out late. I’d set an alarm to wake up at 0800, decided to snooze, and ended up waking up at 0900 when hubby woke me. Which left me with 30 minutes to get ready for breakfast. All of us staying at the wedding guests hotel had agreed to meet in the dining for breakfast at 0930 as a parting gathering after the wedding.

The bride and groom, now husband and wife, joined us for a proper English breakfast consisting of fried half tomatoes, sausages, bacon, mushrooms, blood pudding, sunny-side-up eggs, baked beans, potato fritters, a variety of pastries bread, and condiments, with tea and juice to wash it all down. Everyone had a lovely time as we chit-chatted over breakfast, bonding after a year and nine months’ absence.

Noon found us all checking out of the hotel and piling into our cars for our various destinations. After running a few errands, we ended up at our next hotel at 1400 for an early check-in, then off we went to the stores for a bit of shopping.

Come evening and hubby and I were off to visit our friends, Chanel and Ambrose, to welcome their week-old new baby boy. I could have cried from tears of joy holding that bundle of joy in my arms –what a blessing that I get to share in her joy! Two hours later, we headed ‘home’ for the night.

It’s been an easy day today. I’ve enjoyed meeting extended family members. We see everyone an average of once a year, but hopefully we can make that a little bit more frequent now. I’d be happy with 3 trips a year. Living in the UK, I often considered packing up my belongings in a truck and driving across the border to set up camp in London. Every year was the year I was going to do it until just before I met my husband.

Mr. Grey too has debated moving back home for years but for some reason, that has not happened yet. Both of us are opposed to having to choose. ‘why can’t we have both?’ is a question that often arises in our planning of our future. Both countries have a lot to offer. I guess that’s one of those discussions that just never self-resolves. So we’ll have to make do with frequent visits back and forth as we continue our life of straddling two continents.

Tomorrow is another day. We have a family port roast dinner planned. Ideally, we should fit in a trip to touristic sites as Rachael would love to take some pictures around town. We’ll see how that goes as it’s not unusual for our family dinners to drag on long into the night.

Also, I have worked on yesterday’s blogpost about the wedding but I’m holding off posting it because I still need to gather the photos together so that’s in the pipeline. It’s now past 0200 and Mr. Grey is asleep by my side. How I love to lay next to this man… to hear him breath… Love…

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