A week in San Diego California

April saw hubby and I spend a lovely week in San Diego California. It wasn’t a vacation, just my days off. Mr. Grey took a week off too and together, we flew down to visit our friend, Merab, in Mission Hills, a beautiful neighbourhood just south of the San Diego River Valley with generous views overlooking the the Old Town and downtown San Diego to the north.

Our home directly overlooked the San Diego Bay, the Metrolink, and the San Diego Airport -you’d understand how exciting this was if you knew the depth of Mr. Grey’s love for motorized machinery, starting with planes, trains, ships, motorbikes, and other smaller machinery -and in that order too.

Needless to say, he spent copious amounts of time seated outside on the balcony taking pictures of planes taking off and landing, ships docking, trains chugging along, and any other machinery that moved by air, land, or sea. I insisted he takes some pictures of us daily and he obliged, albeit reluctantly 😉

On Monday, we visited the Coronado Beach and played in the water with young Myles for several hours, building ill-fated sand castles that the waves kept washing away as the tide came in. I enjoyed running around the beach without a care in the world, just being in the moment.

Mr. Grey enjoyed photographing military planes flying over the beach from the nearby naval base, alternately photographing the seagulls circling the ebb and flow of the incoming tide, hoping to catch some hapless fish for an evening meal.

Tuesday saw us have a lazy day at home, then leave for a bit of minimal shopping at the Fashion Valley Shopping Mall, only because I didn’t have enough clothing on me as I ran out of time to go change bags due to a tight connection. Night time was the best when I read young Myles his bedtime story -certainly the highlight of my day.

On Wednesday we spent the day at the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park. There was so much to see, a challenge we undertook with reckless abandon. Using the Skyfari Aerial Tram from one end of the park to the other, and thus started our exploits in earnest.

We had somehow overlooked that it was going to be a warm day so we bought some fanciful hats to keep cool as we meandered from one encampment to the next. By the 1800 closing time, we had covered about 2/3rds of it -a mean feat if you ask me.

Merab picked us up and we headed for a lovely dinner at an English Pub where we indulged in fish & chips, bangers & mash washed down with beer and wine. Then we headed home for a quiet night to soothe our tired feet.

Thursday, we headed out to visit the expansive Balboa Park together with Merab and young Myles. We enjoyed the water parks for cooling down, but we spent a majority of our time at the Train Museum given hubby and young Myles love of trains. Back home, I settled in with young Myles to watch a video before bedtime.

Friday was an easygoing stay-at-home kind of day, save for a short trip to The Kitchen where we had some delicious food and just hang out with everybody socializing.

San Diego was great; this was the first time for both hubby and I to venture out to the West Coast. Verdict? I won’t speak for Mr. Grey but for me, I loved it so very much as the weather was perfect, but mainly because I got to spent some time with young Myles, and have some much needed tête-à-tête with Merab, my friend of over 25 years, who only a few months ago relocated from England to the US to focus on entrepreneurship. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts below 🙂


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