Unnecessary Adversity

‘No’ has been my fuel for as long as I can remember. Dare me and I’ll show you. If you think I’m not good enough, I’ll prove you wrong. Tell me off and I’ll defy you. Try me.

We’re so much more inclined to fight battles when there is adversity. No story works well without a villain; it’s the stuff blockbuster movies are made of, isn’t it? Which begs the question, can a story work well when there is no adversity, no hidden enemy to triumph over? Is it an interesting story/life when there are no glitches and all is smooth-sailing? Do we always have to make up an enemy in order to stay motivated, to surge ahead, to beat the odds, to make it in spite of?

What happens when life is different, quieter? When there’s no one to fight, no one to prove wrong, and everyone is supportive? When all the fighting is done, and no one opposes you, and you have nothing to prove to anyone, who then, are you?

It’s often said that you discover the real you when adversity strikes. I think just the opposite, it’s in the quiet of life’s storm, in the respite of battering waves crashing against the shore, in the stillness of the night, it’s then that the real you reveal themselves.

Away from the clamouring voices, that’s who you are. When all the fight is gone, you find the real you without external triggers. You find the things you care about, you discover how you define yourself, what your purpose is.

We’ve been taught that struggle and strife are good, that good things are hard to find, that it takes hard work, push against, pull towards –so much upstream swimming.

How about: it’s time to go with the flow, to float downstream, to enjoy the ride? It’s not meant to be so hard so don’t be hard on yourself. Be more forgiving, both to yourself and others. Rest in the knowledge that what’s yours is coming to you, that there’s enough to go around because we live in an abundant universe.

Buzzwords such as hustle and grind are all very well; I personally avoid them because it doesn’t need to sound harder than it already is. How about ‘striving’, is that a good word? I am not the word-police so I’ll leave those alone.

In my world, my intention is to take inspired action that flows downstream. Action is necessary for anything to get accomplished, I understand that. Yet imperatively, I also understand the fundamental difference between simple action and inspired action. While the former can be forced, even canal, the latter comes from a transcendental place, an inner nudge -the Holy Spirit as the Christian would say.

Nudges for inspired action come when you are following your bliss, doing what makes you happy, when you’re relaxed –this I am. No adversity. No iron to sharpen iron. No upstream. No struggle. Don’t expect to have to struggle. Instead, set the intention that it will be easy. That it will come easy. That you’re highly favoured. That it’s ordained that way.

Relax into your desire. Trust that the universe is unfolding as it should, that God is able, that it is well with your soul. Peace, Grey xoxo ღ 

Ps: pics taken in Kensington-Chelsea Borough, London U.K.


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