Start with a whisper

It takes courage to find your voice. It takes courage to speak your truth, especially in the face of opposition and/or adversity. Yet finding our voice is crucial to our existence and critical to our growth. Finding your voice requires speaking your truth whatever the consequences, no matter the outcome. For when you own your voice, you own your power.

Often we have things to say, but we wait around for permission to use our voices. Yet there is nothing more meaningful than being true to ourselves and finding our own voice. We are each called to follow our heart and not let anyone intimidate or discourage us. We must allow ourselves to use our voices no matter what.

I recently had a lot to say about things in my life that I had been suppressing. The more urgent the urge to speak up came to me, the more my throat hurt, until it finally closed up a couple of days ago, resulting in what the doctors called a throat infection.

In Eastern religions, finding our voice connects back to the throat chakra, which resonates with our speech. If you have something to say and you suppress it long enough, your throat will most likely find a way to express that.

Once I got fed up and decided to speak up, my throat started to heal and the very next day I got my voice back. All this to say that it’s important we speak up on subjects that matter to us. If you feel oppressed, find a way to stand up for yourself and speak up. If something happened to you and you’ve been suppressing it, courageously speak up. If you have fears, speak up things of faith to counter it. Speak up until your voice is heard.

I’m fond of saying that words are all we have and as such we should use them often. By words, I mean both written and spoken. When something is important to me and I don’t want to get sidetracked, I tend to write it down. The same goes for when I need to tell someone something important without interruption.

Our words are all we have and it’s imperative that we use them to express joy, happiness, hope, faith, etc. So speak your truth and sing your song, it is all that matters. Tell yourself that your voice matters because it does. There’s only one you, so don’t let the sun go down without you letting your presence be felt by leaving an audible mark. Share with me in the comment section how you find and use your voice. Cheers, Grey xoxo


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