Don’t Label It

If something you don’t want to happen happens anyway, don’t label it as a bad thing. Instead, choose to be open to the experience; you’ll be surprised to find that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.

Hi everyone! Blessed February is here and I for one welcome it wholeheartedly. Why you ask? Because it’s a shorter month (that’s neither here nor there Helena), and because it’s knocked my terrible January month off the calendar. New month, new energy, new moon cycle, -Clearly I’m currently taking all the ‘newness’ I can get in this season of my life.

So fellows, life happens to all of us, sometimes unfolding exactly to how we want it to and other times, not so much. Even while having little to no control over these developments, we humans tend to attach good/bad feelings to the corresponding development. Yet upon close examination, why do we feel the need to label things like that and then react accordingly? What if we challenged that convention and instead decided to observe the unfolding more than judge it as good or bad?

I bet you we will be pleasantly surprised to find that there really isn’t an outcome that we can label as bad. Why you ask? Because everything that happens in life happens for a reason; well, atleast I ascribe to that school of thought. I believe that everything that happens to us primarily shines a light on areas of our lives that need working on, then presents us with an opportunity to actually do the work that will result in some growth.

I for one am not content to be the same person year in year out. I aspire to change and grow in leaps and bounds. I aspire to react better this year, or maybe even not at all -coz why not, right? I expect to move forward in many of my plans, goals and aspirations. I aspire to dream bigger and better each new year, we all do, or al least we all should.

All pics taken at home by Mr. Grey Summer 2018

When we look at things without labeling them as good or bad, we then tend to proceed in a calmer more level-headed manner than if we were to label them. So the next time we want to raise a ruckus or crumble in tears (or other in-between more moderate reactions Helena), let’s instead take a deep breath and ask, ‘what area of my life is this event shining a light on and how can I learn and grow from it?’. Namaste guys, cheers, Grey xoxo


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