Know Who You Are

Be your own cheerleader. Toot your own horn the loudest. Dance to the beat of your own drum. Sing your praises if no one else will. Sing your praises precisely because no one else will. Bet on yourself everyday of the week and twice on Sundays, and let no one tell you otherwise. Know who you are. Know whose you are. Fortify yourself. Anchor yourself.

Hi everyone! Last year was a good year for me. Why you ask? Because I began my journey on self-love. It began on a trip to Madrid and Alicante Spain in June after a major emotional and relational upheaval that occurred in my life a couple months before in April. I instinctively understood that I was going to have to be my own biggest, loudest and most rambunctious cheerleader even if I was going to have to cheer myself hoarse.

This year has began in the most unpleasant way for me; the proverbial politicians’ ‘October Surprise’ came for me in January and I have been doing my best to weather this storm best I can. I’m glad to see January go and welcome February wholeheartedly. I took some time off of work, I took a little vacation to the Dominican Republic -lovely country by the way, my first time there. I upped my fasting and prayer time, something I do at the beginning of every year in order to open the year right. I have taken all the steps I know to take care of myself and my heart and I must say I am doing a very good job if I may say so myself.

All the work I did last year on self-love is paying off beautifully in this period of crisis and I am at peace with myself. Inexplicably peaceful. When storms are raging around you, it’s expected that you’ll be swept away in the emotions of it all, but when you have fortified yourself, you can weather the storms with poise and grace.

People will seek to define you in ways that justify their actions or assuage their guilt, but when you have either done the work, or have been in the process of doing the work consistently, then you have the advantage of not getting caught up in reactionary responses, choosing instead to stay above the fray, graceful as can be, always remembering that no one can ever take away your dignity unless you relinquish it yourself.

In my few years in life, I have learnt that crisis moments come to fortify us and that it’s best when we corporate. Why you ask? Because if we don’t, the crisis will come back again and again in one form or another until we sit up, pay attention and start on the work. I’m glad I responded last year, for it was preparing me for such a time as this.

Today I feel stronger than ever as I move forward. I can’t see around corners but I’m not afraid of what’s there. Beyond hoping, beyond believing, there’s knowing. I know that what’s ahead of me will always be for my good. I know that with my attitude the road ahead only has win-win outcomes to offer. I know I am doing the work and have been doing the work. I know I’m headed to a good place whatever the outcome.

All pics taken at home by Mr. Grey last summer

My strength comes from a source deeper than surface level. There’s a deep knowing in me. There’s a light that’s warming my very being as I skip cheerfully along on this current path, sometimes with tears streaming down my face and other times with hearty laughter. I will definitely be okay, we all usually are. No fretting as that helps nothing. Instead, let’s keep seeking to build ourselves up and strengthen ourselves. Let’s hold on to our dignity whatever comes our way, keeping it as a cloak around us as it might be all we have to keep us warm to a while to come. Yet see the sun peeking on yonder; doesn’t it shine so bright?! Cheers, Grey xoxo



  1. Kyme Bevass
    April 2, 2019 / 5:00 PM

    I’m so happy for you and where you are on your journey. Always very inspiring.

    Keeping you in prayers with love, life, and light,


    • Grey Dynasty
      April 2, 2019 / 5:17 PM

      I’ll take all the prayers I can get, and the love, life and light too -you’re too kind 🙂

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