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GreyHi there! My name is Grey and I’m thrilled to host you in my little cyber corner for a bit.

A little bit about my life: I am blessed to have an amazing teenaged son and I’m married to a most loving and supportive husband with whom I get to experience the ridiculous-inconvenient-consuming-can’t-live-without-each-other-Carrie-Bradshaw type of love. Simply put, he is my Notebook story.

About this space: Life has a funny way of getting us on the path we’re supposed to be on, and lifestyle and fashion has always been mine. I am not new to either, but I’m new at sharing my interests with an audience. Like all new things it’s daunting to take that first step and become vulnerable enough to share. But what good is life if it’s not for the chances we take, the opportunities we grab, the lessons we learn and the experiences we share?

Here, my personal quest ends and my shared journey begins. It is my intention to write and post a new blog post every Sunday and Wednesday. Thank you for choosing to walk with me on this road, because it’s sharing the journey that makes life worthwhile. Let’s have a blast while at it!

Cheers:)  Grey

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