In Bilbao Spain

Raising the Bar

I hope you’ve been keeping well. This video comes to you from Bilbao, Spain. I’ve been doing my best to create useful content over at my YouTube channel, and today I’m sharing one of those topics here on the blog. The term ‘raising the bar’ means to do something better than before, to show progress, to register improvement. My take on…

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Spent some of the most amazing two days with a wonderful crew here in Lyon France. The weather was lovely with temperatures of up to 34°C (93°F). We've seen quite a bit of the charming city and its amazing views up at the #fourvière hills overlooking the river #saône at the #notredame #thankful #greydynasty

Touring Europe

Hi guys! I’ve been flying for a few months now and so far so good! I’ve seen a few more cities here in Europe and I’m having a lot of fun while at it. I’m slowly settling into a routine, inasmuchas that’s possible on a flight schedule with erratic hours. We get our month flight schedule mid current month so this…

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Getting my makeup done professionally

Flying High, Literally

A little update about my life and what’s been keeping me busy. You might already know I’d been following training for the past 2 months. I can now reveal that I was training to be a cabin crew member with Brussels Airlines and I successfully earned my wings June 30th and started flying July 1st. It was a long and intense journey with…

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Daddy’s Girl

Today marks one year since my dad went to heaven on June 3rd 2015 at around 2am in the morning. I miss him. All the good in me comes from him. All I am today that is positive comes from him loving me. I have precious memories from childhood of my dad always being there not just for me but for…

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Long Island Sound Beach, CT

Back in Brussels

Hi guys, It’s been a while since I updated my blog. I seem to do my best work when I’m home, mainly because of hubby’s support. Just to keep you all updated, I flew back to Brussels Belgium at the end of April, so I’ve been here now close to a month. Hubby got me a nice studio apartment at…

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Sunny Days and Blue Skies

Write the Vision

Hi ya’all! Hubby took me to the beach here in Connecticut for the weekend and we had a lovely time walking around and discovering random seaside places. We also had an impromptu photo shoot, and as I looked through the beach telescope, I got to thinking about how our outlook in life affects our perceptions, and the eventual outcomes as…

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CT Long Island Sound Beach

Spring has Sprung

It’s been a lovely few days being home with my loved ones. Spring has sprung some lovely sunshine and our spirits are lifted. I think everybody loves spring because it’s a time of rebirth, a season of new beginnings. What winter subdues, spring awakens back to life. The birds chirp and animals come out of hibernation.   My mood is…

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Instagram changes in the horizon

Instagram Changes

Two weeks ago, Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) announced it would abandon the chronological feed and will instead roll out a new feed that will use an algorithm to prioritize certain posts based on users’ personal interests. Facebook itself made similar changes back in 2011 when they switched from a chronological feed to an algorithm-based real-time feed. What does…

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UConn dorm lobby

Home to mum duties

Hi my lovelies! I am writing this post from the University of Connecticut where my son studies. This was my first stop when we arrived back in the US last week and the young man and I agreed that I’d come up frequently so I can spend as much time with him as I can before I leave. Okay, he…

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CT Long Island Sound Beach

Story Time – Beach

Hello my lovelies! What a beautiful weekend Easter is set to be! Today Saturday was lovely here in Connecticut. The sun’s shining and temperatures are rising, and that is always reason for good cheer as far as I’m concerned. My boy is away for the weekend, gone to attend an annual convention with his group of friends in Boston –he’s…

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Kensington, UK

Home to the US

Hello lovelies!!! The weather has been great here in Connecticut today. Signs of the latest snowstorm have completely vanished melted away by the warm temperatures and the gentle sunshine. I spent my day at the Westfarm Mall picking up a few ‘essentials’ (that’s debatable) that I’d really wanted while abroad. It felt good to get behind the wheel, play some…

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Keeping abreast

The Brussels Rundown

Hello Lovelies! After almost 3 weeks in London, hubby and crossed the English Channel into Belgium for a week -this post summarizes that stay. Belgium was a whirlwind of events, both business and pleasure. We ran around so much that we didn’t get home until past midnight with just enough energy to crawl into bed and do it all over…

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In Worthing England with the family

The England Rundown

It’s been a whirlwind of activities in the past month, so much such that I couldn’t keep up with updating my blog. Quite frankly I would have been able to fit it in had I wanted to but I instead chose to enjoy the moments and the unfolding events and to update these to my blog later. I however made…

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Back at it

Still in London

Hi lovelies, I’ve been away for a while and I’ve really missed coming here and catching up. As you might have seen from my previous post, my beloved father-in-law passed away in England and I travelled from Belgium and my husband from the US for his funeral this February. The day after Dad passed I had a bad accident where…

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With Steve (4th & last born)

About Harry Grey

‘What can I say about Harry Grey?’ is how all tributes to my beloved father-in-law began at his farewell service this past Friday February 26th 2015 in Worthing, Sussex, England UK. Born on 21st May 1933, he passed on quietly on the wee-morning of Thursday February 18th 2016, living to the ripe age of 82 years old. Dad Harry lived…

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Molly and I

Visiting Friends

Hello lovelies, I spent a lovely weekend with my friend Molly and her family in the town of Bornem located in the Belgian Countryside. I’ve known Molly from when our kids were tiny teenyboppers playing side by side in the playpen after an introduction by a mutual acquaintance, and we’ve remained friends ever since. After my relocation to the US,…

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My Wellies

Hello loves! As promised, here’s another post so soon after the last one; I’m actually enjoying doing this, it kind of grows on you as you go along. Today’s post is all about the yellow wellington boots that I’ve been in love with for about a year now. When I saw this pair a couple of months ago, I jumped on…

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Vintage Grey

Happy Valentine!

Hi my loves, it’s Saint Valentine’s Day!!! I love this day because I am a hopeless romantic. I love love and I live for it, literally. Funny story is, after being alone for so long I didn’t think I’d get to experience the romantic kind of love in my lifetime; I’d started doubting if it existed except in movies. Enter Mr.…

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Pierrette & I, the life of the party

When Art Inspires

Hello lovelies, hope you’ve been staying inspired; I know I have. Over the years I’ve learnt that it takes very little to get inspired. Sometimes it can come down to something as simple as shifting the mindset. Several years ago my good friend Pierrette taught me the gift of having a party at the drop of a hat with or…

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I love to walk

Enjoying Walking

Hello lovelies, I hope you’ve all been keeping well. It’s been a busy week here in Brussels reacquainting myself with the city located at the heart of Europe. I’ve caught up with so many of my friends and there are still so many more to see. I’ve enjoyed delicacies that are quintessentially Belgian and gone out of my way to…

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