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Fashion Full Circle

It was always going to be fashion for me. I had a natural flare for it. I made my outfits with calculated precision and reckless abandon all at once, crafting fabric onto my body, synching up the waistline, cascading over the hips, Oh the joy of creation, to take a piece of fabric and turn it into a work of…

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Green with envy

Hi folks! Christmas is upon us this weekend –how exciting, isn’t it? This is my first outdoor photoshoot I’ve done since I got back home this thanksgiving. I choose to use this jacket that I’ve had for several years now because green compliments the red of Christmas –with envy –Lol! In all seriousness, I figured a green-coloured winter coat fits…

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How to Paris

Ladies, gentlemen, a final Paris post covering 9 steps on how to dress like a Parisian. Beret When I think about Parisian fashion, it cannot be complete without a beret, a red one at that. Like I mention in my previous post, Lisa help me locate this red beret in a store in Antwerp and I build my whole shoot around…

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Parisian Chic – La Louvre

Hello ladies, gentlemen, I hope you’ve been keeping well? I have. I’m excited to inform you that you can now shop my looks by clicking on the ‘shop my looks’ image, found on the right hand-side bar. Today I’m sharing with you details of another of my Paris photoshoot outfits. The location this time is the La Louvre Museum in Paris, the…

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That Paris Shoot

Paris, a main player in the fashion industry, is an hour’s train ride from Brussels. So what better place is there to have a fashion shoot; a Parisian photo shoot at that… I planned this shoot around the colours I have become so fond of; Red, blue and white. These are the colours of the American flag, the British flag,…

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Colour your World

Nothing makes me happier than to see a little beauty in the world. The sighting of a well-dressed lady or gentleman is the simplest of joys for me; I usually try to convey my appreciation for the effort made by giving a nod and a smile. And if they are approachable, I’ll generally stop and compliment the lady, or ask…

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My Wellies

Hello loves! As promised, here’s another post so soon after the last one; I’m actually enjoying doing this, it kind of grows on you as you go along. Today’s post is all about the yellow wellington boots that I’ve been in love with for about a year now. When I saw this pair a couple of months ago, I jumped on…

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Attention to detail

Riverbank Walk

Hello my loves!! Hope you’ve all been keeping well as the winter, no longer softened by the busyness of the holidays, continues to bite. Now that the mandatory distractions of gift shopping and over-indulgence are behind us, I’ve decided to step up my game and post a little more frequently; actually a couple of friends encouraged me to do so…

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Weekend in NYC

Hello my darlings! Welcome to my first post. I’ve wondered for a bit how an initial post should look like… I’ve concluded there is no formula. If there is, I haven’t found it. So how about we take the plunge and just dive right in, yes? Okay, here goes! I spent the weekend in New York City at a meet and…

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