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Prague – 8 places to visit

Prague is often referred to as the golden city owing to its rich history and its many old buildings. Its immaculate squares, narrow streets and impressive small towers attest to the magic of this city which has very few new buildings, thus retaining its old city charm. In my travels, I’ve been to the city many times before, initially when…

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Touring Europe

Hi guys! I’ve been flying for a few months now and so far so good! I’ve seen a few more cities here in Europe and I’m having a lot of fun while at it. I’m slowly settling into a routine, inasmuchas that’s possible on a flight schedule with erratic hours. We get our month flight schedule mid current month so this…

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Flying High, Literally

A little update about my life and what’s been keeping me busy. You might already know I’d been following training for the past 2 months. I can now reveal that I was training to be a cabin crew member with Brussels Airlines and I successfully earned my wings June 30th and started flying July 1st. It was a long and intense journey with…

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Keeping abreast

The Brussels Rundown

Hello Lovelies! After almost 3 weeks in London, hubby and I crossed the English Channel into Belgium for a week -this post summarizes that stay. Belgium was a whirlwind of events, both business and pleasure. We ran around so much that we didn’t get home until past midnight with just enough energy to crawl into bed and do it all…

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In Worthing England with the family

The England Rundown

It’s been a whirlwind of activities in the past month, so much such that I couldn’t keep up with updating my blog. Quite frankly I would have been able to fit it in had I wanted to but I instead chose to enjoy the moments and the unfolding events and to update these to my blog later. I however made…

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Back at it

Still in London

Hi lovelies, I’ve been away for a while and I’ve really missed coming here and catching up. As you might have seen from my previous post, my beloved father-in-law passed away in England and I travelled from Belgium and my husband from the US for his funeral this February. The day after Dad passed I had a bad accident where…

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Lady on a mission

Keep on Walking

Hi loves! Hope you’ve all been keeping well. I have been okay, only my son flew back to the US this past weekend, so now both my special guys are gone back home and I’m kind of lonely without them. That aside, Brussels is being kind to me and I am finding my way around just fine. I hold Belgian…

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Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Belfast Shoot

Belfast, Northern Ireland Hello my lovelies, my sort of Eat-Pray-Love journey (in search of myself) through Europe continues. December saw me visit a former campus mate and a good friend of mine, Roisin, in the Belfast capital of Northern Ireland where we spent a few lovely days sipping tea and munching on scones at the Whitestones Bookshop while perusing through a…

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Visiting the family in England

UK Family Shoot

Hello my darlings, another lifestyle post coming your way today. At this point I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just call this a lifestyle blog –Lol!. But the current state of play is only because I’m travelling, visiting and meeting up with family, friends and very interesting people; it’s hard not to want to document that. Once I get back home…

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That London Life

The London Shoot

Hello my darlings! Hope you’ve all had an amazing week. Mine’s been busy, running up and down the English coast trying to get things done. As I promised last week, we executed a red-themed London shoot this weekend in honor of all thing traditionally English, which happens to be hubby’s home country. So here goes, hope you enjoy! read more

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Visiting England

Hello my lovelies! This week’s post comes to you from England where my family and I are at the moment, visiting with family and friends while attending to some official business here in the UK. Hubby and I had the privilege of being invited to an amazing Black Tie event in London this weekend and decided to do a mini…

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Gently Waves

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Hello there My darlings, why do we all not live in Florida? I’ve asked this for several years now but I can never find a good enough answer. While we’re freezing up North on the East Coast, Floridians are swimming in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean down south. After hubby wrapped up the conference and meetings, we drove…

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Hotel balcony surfing

Trip to Florida

Hotel balcony surfing Hello my darlings, welcome back to my post. Hubby and I went to Florida where he had business meetings to attend while I got to lounge around in the hotel, shop the town silly and be a general nuisance😃. Personally, I was just happy to escape the cold setting on the East Coast. For those of you…

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